Recently a lot of my friends have been posting pictures of KitKat chocolates in social networks. Since I have access to the unique flavors of KitKat, I decided to join the KitKat craze.

For those who visit Japan, the tour is not enough without buying "omiyage," "pasalubong," or souvenirs for our family and friends. From small things bought in Daiso or 100-yen stores up to high end electronics and cameras from Akihabara, our luggages are not enough for all things "made in Japan"!!! And one of them is a bag or bags of KitKat with unique flavors. Every now and then, I try to look for new flavors of KitKat especially when I visit a sweet shop in tourist-infested places. Here are some of my finds:

Kitkat Green Tea Kyoto
Kyoto's Green Tea flavor

Green tea flavor is an all-time favorite. This version of green tea has a stronger taste and less sweet compared to the others.


Cheesecake from Yokohama

At first it tasted more like white chocolate for me. But after two sticks, I was able to recognize the cheese flavor.


Green Tea with Sakura (Cherry blossoms)

Special edition of KitKat in line with Sakura season.



Raspberry flavor

My new favorite! It has tiny bits of raspberry inside which adds texture and freshness to the chocolate.


wasabi kitkat
Wasabi KitKat

I am not a fun of wasabi so I did not try this one yet. However, I gave it as a present to a friend abroad who misses Japan so much!


Pumpkin Pudding for Halloween (photo

This is only available during autumn especially Halloween celebration . I buy this to give as present for Trick or Treats.