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Goldfish Festival in Nishi-Kasai

The Goldfish Festival is an annual event in Nishi-Kasai in line with the Sea Day holiday. For over a century now, Edogawa City has been known as one of the best goldfish breeding districts.  Every year, breeders showcase different types of goldfishes most to sell or just for people to see. Prices vary depending on the breed. You can buy for as low as 300 yen or as high as 50,000 yen.

It was my first time to be in the festival. The festival started yesterday but since it was raining, my husband and I decided to go today instead. Tents were build in the open area of Gyosen Park for exhibitors and sellers. There was also a balloon ark that welcomed the visitors. And of course, the festival mascot!

Balloon Ark Welcoming the Visitors of Edogawa Goldfish Festival
goldfish mascot
Meet Edokinchan! The Official Mascot of Edogawa Goldfish Festival.
goldfish for sale
A Japansese Boy Choosing and Catching His New Pet
expensive goldfish
A Special Goldfish for USD300
more expensive goldfish
More Expensive Fishes for USD500 Each
goldfish from Sumida
Goldfish Exhibition from Sumida Aquarium

Children can also get goldfishes for free if they join the kingyolmpics (the goldfish catching tournament). But you need to queue in and wait for some time before you get your chance to compete.

waiting to catch goldfish
A Long Line of Adults and Kids Waiting for the their Chance to Compete in Kingolypmics or Goldfish Catching Tournament
catching goldfish
Festival Staff Preparing the Goldfishes for the Kingyolmpics


Other Things To See and Do at the Goldfish Festival


Aside from the fishes, aquariums; plants and accessories; toys; and crafts were also on display and for sale. Some tents give a blue ticket which you can exchange for a free fan or plastic folder as souvenirs.

fish balloons
Adorable Goldfishes Swimming in the Balloons
Aquarium Sets for Sale
hanging goldfish
Goldfish Bowl to Hang in the House or Garden
accessories for the aquarium
100-yen Aquarium Accessories
playing with crabs
Kids Having A Great Time Playing with the Crabs
Hashi craft
A Japanese Girl Learning How to Make Wooden Chopsticks

After an hour or so walking around, we decided to have some rest. Food stalls were also available. So, we bought some food and drinks. Then sat on the mat under the Sakura trees. It is fascinating to watch people enjoying a sunny day at the festival. Some kids were playing with water in the fountain-turned-pool. Others were sliding at the playground. The parents, on the other hand, were enjoying the refreshing breeze and cool shadow under the Sakura trees.

food at the festival
Freshly-Grilled Corns on a Cob
enjoying summer in Gyosen Park
Kids and Kids-at-Heart Enjoying the Cool Water Fountain in Gyosen Park
picnic at the goldfish festival
Relaxing under the Sakura Trees after Visiting the Festival



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