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Disaster Preparedness Measures in Edogawa

Disaster preparedness and recovery is one of Japan’s strong points. It is a  country that is highly vulnerable due to its geographical location. But due to the efforts of the government and its people, detrimental effects of disasters particularly earthquakes are lesser. No wonder others  especially those from neighboring countries look up to the Japanese practices when it comes to disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM).


Disaster Preparedness Campaign in Edogawa


Like other cities, Edogawa has initiated a variety of preparedness measures for its residents. One of them is the information guidebook distributed to every household. It quite impressive that they have it English too for the foreign residents. Inside are information needed before, during, and after the occurrence of a disaster or emergency. It has also some guidelines on how to use daily things as survival materials. Most importantly, it has contact information of different services for assistance.

Our Copy of Tokyo’s Disaster Preparedness Guidebook in English


One of the Guidebook’s Contents



A few days before the commemoration on the March 11 incident, Edogawa City hosted a disaster preparedness campaign at Kasai Rinkai Park. There were simulation facilities in case of fire or earthquake. There were booths with photos of different disasters that happened or may occur in Tokyo as well as life-saving and first aid demonstrations. The staff of Kasai Rinkai even prepared some warm soup for free! They also opened the Tokyo Sea Life for the earthquake drill. In return, people who participated got free entrance and some souvenirs.


Disaster Preparedness Awareness Campaign Organized by Edogawa City


Trying Out the Smoke Tent as Simulation in Case of Fire. Zero Visibility Inside. Luckily the Fireman’s Voice Guided Us Out.


Earthquake Simulator for Magnitude 7


Demonstrating the Proper CPR and Use of AED


Stabilizing Tools for Furnitures in Case of Earthquake


Disaster Preparedness Edogawa
Listening to the Heads of the Edogawa City Government, Fire Bureau, and Police after the Earthquake Drill

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