Wanders and Flowers

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Only in Japan: Weird yet Interesting Flavors of Fanta

I am not a big fan of colas or soft drinks especially the flavored ones. But since last year, I noticed that producers of Fanta here in Japan introduce weird yet interesting flavors, depending on the season. Here are some of the flavors I saw in the market recently:    

Flowers for Vday

I have tried fresh flowers in my salad or sweet ylang-ylang fritters on top of my cake.. but this is something intriguing.. If you are here in Japan and looking for something unique to give your loved ones this Valentine’s day try the rose ice cream or have an early spring threat of sakura ice cream.

How to Satisfy Your Food Cravings while in Japan

One of the things that I love here in Japan is the nice and interesting food that one can find everywhere! Not only Japanese people are known as healthy eaters but they creativity are manifested in the food they make as well. Here are some of my favorite Japanese food to crave for: 1. Sushi There is no place like home if you want to have a very nice and.. Read More