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White Day in Japan

White Day is celebrated as Valentine’s Day for women mostly in East Asian countries like Japan, China, Republic of Korea, and Taiwan. Here in Japan, Valentine is celebrated mostly for guys. Women and girls make or buy chocolate sweets to give to the men and boys to show love, courtesy, or social obligation (known as giri-choco). In return, exactly a month after that, women receive white chocolates; jewelries; or cookies while young.. Read More

Cooking with our Neighbors

Cooking with our neighbors is one of the great things that we have experienced here in Tokyo. Befriending your neighbors here in Tokyo is not very common. Some of my friends have not even seen the face of the person living next to them. Maybe because most of the people here are busy juggling with work and their own lives. Hence, we are very grateful that we are close friends.. Read More

Trip to the KitKat Chocolatory

Two weeks ago, I was able to visit the KitKat Chocolatory Corner in Seibu Ikebukuro. I just knew about it when somebody commented in my blogabout my journey in finding different flavors of KitKat chocolates here in Tokyo last month. She asked if I have visited the Chocolatory. And since KitKats are one of the favorite omiyages or souvenirs from Japan, there is always a new product to watch out for.. Read More

Learning How to Cook: From Cans to “I Can”

Cook? Who would have thought that I would be able to do that. Back in 2008, I was big fan of canned, processed, or take-out foods. Decent meals were usually made by my parents or aunts. I bake but I don’t cook. My motto was: If it is not fried, I did not make it. But I guess being away from home has influenced me a lot to force my self.. Read More

Joining the KitKat Craze

Recently a lot of my friends have been posting pictures of KitKat chocolates in social networks. Since I have access to the unique flavors of KitKat, I decided to join the KitKat craze. For those who visit Japan, the tour is not enough without buying “omiyage,” “pasalubong,” or souvenirs for our family and friends. From small things bought in Daiso or 100-yen stores up to high end electronics and cameras.. Read More