Thank you for visiting my site!! My name is Anna Rose Budich but most of my friends call me Anna. I created this site as my way of sharing some of the things I love doing: travelling, flower arrangements, and writing. This site also features the adventures, mishaps, learnings, and fun moments me and my husband experience here in Japan. Likewise, I would also like to share some tips and recommendations for fellow travel and Ikebana enthusiasts.

My Passion for Exploration

My mom oncDSC_1452e told me that as early as one year old I already showed interest in travelling. She said that during that time my dad would make me sit in front of his tricycle and drive around our community so that I can have a good sleep after that. Although travelling outside Manila was not that frequent until I was a teenager, I have always enjoyed the long bus rides from San Mateo to Makati every time I visit my mom's school where she worked. Later on when I was in secondary school, it became a daily adventure for me because I went to that same school for four years.

At sixteen I joined the Rotaract Club of Makati West, a socio-civic voluntary group aimed to hone young people to be of service to the community. Participating in various training and community outreach projects gave me the chance to see a lot of places, meet new friends and mentors, and discover my skills and talents. Two years after aside from attending training and seminars, I was privileged to be invited to give talks and to train other Rotaractors  as I became the District Rotaract Representative for District 3830.

When I started working for the City Government of Makati, my purpose of travelling changed from community outreaches to technical study tours as I became part of the City's planning team. It was also during this time when I had the chance to be seconded in Yokohama, Japan for a year and a half. I was able to visit different Asian cities; learned their culture and traditions; and got inspired to travel more.

It was also in Japan where I met my better half. It was the last few months of my stay when I met a gentleman who just arrived from Germany. With him, I was able to have more relaxing and fun travels. Going to different places in Japan, Philippines, and Germany to see their beauty without thinking about speech that I need to give or projects that I have to finish. He also inspired me to be brave enough to leave Manila and have a new life in Tokyo.

As I am writing this introduction, me and my husband are still here in Tokyo working on weekdays and exploring on weekends and holidays.



My Passion for Flowers 


I got my passion for flowers and flower arrangement from my mom. When I was a kid she used to plant different orchids and santans around our house. And every Sunday, we would always get fresh flowers and put them in the altar in our living room. And in May, she would always ask me to help her decorate the bamboo arcs and prepare the bouquets for the Flores de Mayo, the flower festival held  where girls dress in beautiful gowns and parade around the community as a re-enactment of  Queen Helena's search for the true Jesus' crucifix.

My first Ikebana exhibition
My first Ikebana exhibition

After graduating from the university, I encouraged my mom to start our own cake and flower business. We catered to weddings, debuts, and other special gatherings especially for friends and family. Although both me and my mom have our regular office jobs, we were able to run the business on weekends. My cousins and I always look forward to Saturdays and Sundays because our whole house smelled like a cake factory. Sometimes after a wedding gig, our house would be filled with flowers especially roses.

When my mom passed away in 2005, I thought that my passion for flowers went with her. But when I came to Tokyo to be with my husband, I regained it through Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. I may not have the opportunity to do wedding arrangements at the moment, but learning Ikebana taught me new techniques, styles, and ideas. It also taught me a new perspective and deeper appreciation for flower arrangement.

Learning Ikebana humbled me because I needed to learn from the very basic of flower arrangement. Later on I was able to combine it with my old techniques and styles which I used when I was still doing wedding arrangements. Details of my journey and works are posted here in this website.

At present I am a licensed Sankyu Shihan (Third Level Ikebana Teacher) under the Sogetsu School of Ikebana. From time to time, I participate in exhibitions and conduct workshops here in Tokyo.  I also give private and online lessons in English. For details of my online lessons and upcoming events, please visit the following pages;

For online or face-to-face lessons: Learn Ikebana at Home

For upcoming exhibits and workshops: Events and Workshops


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