Wanders and Flowers

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Nakano Broadway: Collectors’ Haven

Nakano Broadway is a shopping complex that lies west of Tokyo. Curious of what the place offers, my husband and I went there on the second day after New Year. From Nishi-Kasai, we took Tozai Line going to Nakano. It was very convenient for us because we did not need to change to another line. When we reached Nakano Station, we immediately saw the entrance of the shopping complex from.. Read More

Tokyo New Year: Braving New Experiences

Tokyo New Year is very quiet. No fireworks, no shouting, and the city streets look like a ghost town. It is the time when most of the locals go to their hometowns. While most of the people try to find a more festive ambiance outside the city or country, we on the other hand enjoy its solitude. It is a good time for us to visit some places without worrying.. Read More

2016 Memories to Cherish

2016 memories may be a mixture of good and bad events. This year, the world witnessed a lot of sadness, loss, and disappointments. A few days from now, we will all say goodbye to 2016. Though most of us would likely leave all the negativities behind, I am┬ábringing this year’s good things as we welcome the new year. 2016 Memories to Cherish All through this year, my husband and I.. Read More

Our Tokyo Christmas This Year

Tokyo Christmas is far different from the Christmas we know in Germany and Philippines. Amidst the glittering illuminations and tall Christmas tree, the yuletide feel is a bit lacking. But this should not be a reason to frown or be lonely during the holidays. I am always excited to hear Christmas songs being played at the stores or mall. It’s a thrill when our house is filled with the smell.. Read More

Koyo or Autumn Colors Viewing in Tokyo

Koyo viewing is a must-try if you are in Japan around late October to early December. It is similar to Hanami in spring but instead of flowers people admire the colorful leaves in autumn. This year, the leaves changed colors a little later than expected. Maybe because of the changing climate. I did not have enough chance to visit several places for Koyo last month because of the exhibition. But.. Read More