Wanders and Flowers

because the world is beautiful...

Koyo or Autumn Colors Viewing in Tokyo


Koyo viewing is a must-try if you are in Japan around late October to early December. It is similar to Hanami in spring but instead of flowers people admire the colorful leaves in autumn. This year, the leaves changed colors a little later than expected. Maybe because of the changing climate. I did not have enough chance to visit several places for Koyo last month because of the exhibition. But.. Read More

Ikebana and Tea Ceremony Workshop


Tea Ceremony is one of the popular traditional practices here in Japan. Since time immemorial, Japanese conduct tea ceremony for official, business, or personal purposes. At present, it is one of the key factors that attract foreigners to learn and appreciate Japanese culture in and out of the country. Yesterday, I had  the privilege to combine this tradition with Ikebana which is another Japanese culture. Ms. Kaori Watanabe, the owner.. Read More

Highlights of Okaeri Exhibition


Okaeri Exhibition was a challenge but also a milestone. It was my first major exhibition as an Ikebana artist. My friend Susumu and I collaborated together and organised Okaeri: An Ikebana and Pottery Exhibition. It was a four-day event (11-14 November) which was held at Gallery & Studio r_cafe in Yotsuya-sanchome, Shinjuku. Okaeri Exhibition What is Okaeri Exhibition?   The exhibition focused on the word “home.”  This word is very close to.. Read More

In Memory of Our Loved Ones


My memory of my mother is still vivid. I remember how she gets angry when we try to see what she is baking in the kitchen. She did not follow the measurements in the recipes exactly. She tried to make her own calculations as she prepares the ingredients. Maybe it was her instinct as a Math teacher. And the sad part, she did not write down her measurements. That is.. Read More

Inokashira Park: Outside Ghibli’s Walls

Inokashira Park

Inokashira Park maybe popular to both locals and foreign visitors because of Ghibli Museum. But outside the museum walls, Inokashira Park has a lot to offer.  Built in 1917, the park serves as a precious green sanctuary for its residents and nearby cities. It has an area of about 380,000 square meters with a 43,000-square meter center pond. The pond  used to be the first source of water supply for Tokyo during.. Read More